How To Rank The Search by using keywords for Blogger

How To Rank The Search for Blogger

Hello Guys and welcome to Wolv Themes Our Tutorial today is about How To Rank The Search for Blogger.

What are The Keywords?

 Keyword is Consisting of 2 words which are :- 
  1. key
  2. Word
Key is the key that is used to allow the search and
Word is the word that is used to be searched

Benefits :-

  • Increase your orignal traffic.
  • Improve your rank in the search.
  • Increase your posts reach.
  • Make your posts and pages more popular
Let's Start

How to Use Keywords :-

Step 1 :- Go To Blogger's Dashboard.
Step 2 :- Create New Post or Page or edit one.
Step 1 :- Click the pen button and press HTML view.
Step 3 :- Remove any codes then Copy and paste the following provided code
Step 4 :- Copy the provided codes below and paste them in the last of each post or page.
<meta content='How, How to, keywords, keyword, search' name='keywords'/>
Step 5 :- Replace all the blue background marked parts with your keywords.

To add new keywords add in this format.

keyword, keyword 2, keyword 3

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