How to apply for Google News for Blogger

How to apply for Google News for Blogger

Hello Guys and welcome to Wolv Themes Our Tutorial today is about How to apply for Google News for Blogger.

What is The Google News?

 Google News is one of Google Products which is for the news all over the world on the internet.

Benefits of Google News :-

  • Get News in the things you are interested in.
  • Help you to know the day news.

Benefits of Applying for Google News :-

  • Get Fast Free Indexing for your website.
  • Help you to know the day news.
Let's Start
Google News

How to Apply for Google News :-

Step 1 :- Go To Publisher Center.
Step 2 :- Click Add publication.
Step 3 :- Put your website name in the publication name.
Step 4 :- Put your website url in the Primary website property.
Step 5 :- Select Your location in the Location Section.
Step 6 :- Click Add Publication.
Step 7 :- Now Press Publication Settings.
Step 8 :- Click on Primary Language and select your website primary language.
Step 9 :- Verify Your website by clicking Verify In Search Console.

If you don't know what is google search console or don't know how to use it then follow this tutorial.

Step 10 :- Press on the + icon next to Additional url that is in the Additional website property url.
Step 11 :- Put your website url.
Step 12 :- Click Add.
Step 13 :- Now Click add contact in the contacts section.
Step 14 :- Put your email and select Technical issues and product updates.
Step 15 :- Click Add.
Step 16 :- Click the save button in the upper of the page.
Step 17 :- Now scroll down to the contacts section and click resend link.
Step 18 :- Go to your email now and verify your email.
Step 19 :- Come back to the website.
Step 20 :- Reload the webpage.
Step 21 :- Click Visual Styles.
Step 22 :- Click Add Square Logo.
#Note Your logo should be 512px × 512px
And it is recommended to be 1000px × 1000px.
Step 23 :- Scroll Down to the Uploaded fonts.
Step 24 :- Click Add Font family.
Step 25 :- Type Arial in the in font family name section.
Step 26 :- Click Add.
Step 27 :- Click the Save button on the upper of the page.
Step 28 :- Now click the back button.
Step 29 :- Click on The Google News card.
Step 30 :- Put your website description in the Publication Description.
Step 31 :- Click on the publication category.
Step 32 :- Select Your website category.
Step 33 :- Go to Content Settings.
Step 34 :- Go to Sections.
Step 35 :- Click Add Content.
Step 36 :- Press Add New Section.
Step 37 :- Select Feed.
Step 38 :- Put your website name in the Section Title.
Step 39 :- Put your feedburner link.
If you don't have a feedburner link then use your website feed url.
Step 40 :- Copy the provided link and replace with your website domain.

Step 41 :- Put the link in RSS or Atom feed URL.
Step 42 :- Click Add.
Step 43 :- Click Next.
Step 44 :- Now you will find Please review our terms of service.
Step 45 :- Click Review.
Step 46 :- Put your Name and your email and your website name in the title and if you don't have an Organization then put your website name instead.
Step 47 :- Press I have read and accepted the Google News Publisher Center Terms of Service.

#Note Don't press I have read and accepted the Google News Publisher Center Terms of Service until you have already readed their terms of service.

Step 48 :- Click Submit.
Step 49 :- Click Save.
Step 50 :- Press the publish button.
Now you have Successfully applied for Google News, Wait for 1-3 weeks until they approve.

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